Castle Deep

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On the Eastern reaches of The Great Table, near the foothills of the vast Cloudspine Mountains, sits a keep in the middle of a barren waste. The keep is said to be huge – as big as any castle ever built in the Starlight Age – and yet it sprang up seemingly overnight some years ago. It’s builders remain a mystery, and no one who has set out to explore the castle has ever returned. Despite its isolation, tales of limitless gold and precious stones have escaped its walls to reach the city of Bourbov. Some say Castle Deep is a slavers’ fortress, others say it is a clever trap built to lure greedy adventurers to their deaths. Most dismiss it as an abandoned relic of the old empire, uncovered by the desert winds, but even those skeptics get a chill at hearing its name.

Characters Description
Lieutenant Gwain Lieutenant gwain

The Castle is actually modest fort for the Korgathi Giants. It sits atop a deep chasm, the bottom of which leads to a vast network of caverns and tunnels called The Delves.

Castle Deep

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