Pragos' Trading Post

This trading post offers limited supplies for exorbitant prices and provides credit at usury interest rates. Nevertheless, few if any can avoid doing business with Pragos.

All business is transacted in pounds of crystal (or its equivalent in other commodities):

Item Crystal Price Special Normal Value
Blanket 50 lbs +6 Fortitude checks vs. cold 5 sp
Boots 200 lbs protect feet from slashing crystal 10 gp (partial)
Bread Loaf 100 lbs +5 Constitution check vs. starvation 2 cp
Clothes 200 lbs +5 Fortitude check vs. cold 10 gp (partial)
Gloves 100 lbs protect arms from slashing crystal 10 gp (partial)
Hammer & Chisel 200 lbs +4 to mining checks 1 gp
Lantern 50 lbs provides normal illumination 7 gp
Oil (pint) 10 lbs see description 1 sp
Pickaxe 200 lbs +4 mining checks 14 gp
Pork Belly 500 lbs 1 day of food 5 sp
Potion of Cure Light Wounds 1000 lbs 1d8+5 healing 50 gp
Rope & Pulley 200 lbs +4 to mining check 5 gp
Torch 10 lbs provides normal illumination 1 cp
Whiskey 25 lbs to be determined 20 gp/bottle
1lb Gold 25 lbs commodity – can be used in place of crystal

Cart or Wagon (?)
Sack (?)
Backpack (?)
Barrels (?)

Pragos' Trading Post

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