Ragnar Jotunfoe


The Jotunfoe have resided within the bosom of the Five Kings Mountains since ancient Tar Taargadth. With the completion of the Quest for Sky the surface world added a new foe to the dwarves’ list of enemies – the giants. It was the dwarven clan that had developed the best means for fighting and defending against these over-sized adversaries that took the name Jotunfoe.

The Jotunfoe have been warsmiths and dwarven defenders for well-recorded generations; with parents passing on their knowledge to their offspring. Taking great pride in their storied past, the Jotunfoe keep their heritage alive in the merging of their armorcrafting and warrior traditions. This culminates for all young Jotunfoe in the Hjerte Smir – a coming of age ceremony that requires the dwarven youth to venture out for a year to prove themselves, come to know the outside world, and in returning, deepen their appreciation for the dwarven way.

Ragnar Jotunfoe departs the Five Kings Mountains to begin his Hjerte Smir. A goal that he has shared with no one is his desire to find an adamantine deposit. Though dwarves love the very rare silvery, glistening metal known as mithral that is found in remote veins below the mountains, the ultrahard metal called adamantine is mined only from rocks that fell from the heavens and is especially suited to add to the quality of weapons or armor. It is Ragnar’s dream to return to the Five Kings Mountain with adamantine full plate that he forged himself and subsequently had enchanted… and a giant’s head would make a nice trophy as well.

Ragnar Jotunfoe

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