Delves of Castle Deep

Ragnar Jotunfoe #1

Only weeks after departing the dwarven homelands, Ragnar Jotunfoe found himself captured through human treachery and sold as a slave to giants. Belonging to an ancient dwarven bloodline steeped deeply in tradition, Ragnar had been raised strictly under the principles of The Dwarven Way:

1) Labor is Purpose – in work we find worship, contribution, and significance
2) You are of Stone – be silent, steadfast, and stoic
3) War to the Death – the enemies of dwarvenkind must be killed to the last
4) The Clan is Life – greater is that done with many and for many than that done by one and for one
5) That Which Persists – in all endeavors seek results that will endure forever

Now, trapped in the delves of Castle Deep, Ragnar found himself chained to a elven lightbringer, a half-elven archer, and a human slaver. Hungry, cold, unarmed, unequipped, and poorly clothed the group set about distinguishing itself early in the first day through defeating other slaves who sought to harm the slaver and later delivering a motherlode of crystal and striking a small vein of gold.


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