Lands and Peoples of Agram

Six hundred years ago, all men in Agram were united under a single imperial banner. The Starlight Kings had ruled for generations beyond counting, but when their power waned, and was finally broken during the Freeman’s Revolution, Agram was fractured into a multitude of Kingdoms, City-states, and lawless lands. The former seat of power, Vulcarsgrave, still serves as the capitol of the much-diminished Empire, but without Royal leadership, the now “Obsidian Empire” holds little influence outside the borders of the Blackstone Valley.

Much has changed in the 600 years since the end of the Age of the Starlight Kings. Honorable men and women have become rare, while hucksters, cultists, slavers, and chiselers have thrived. Nobles scheme to increase their holdings and declare themselves kings and queens over their rivals; public officials conspire with evil creatures to exploit the people they’ve sworn to serve; much of The Great Table has turned to a barren waste, and wars rage between the orcish and goblin clans of the Cloudspine Mountains.

However, not all the changes of the Freeman’s Age have been for ill. In recent years cities have swelled with trade and wealth. In the absence of a strict caste system, opportunities abound for enterprising individuals of all backgrounds. So too has commerce increased with non-human nations that were once isolated and defensive. Lizardmen, Dwarves, Gnomes, and even the elusive Hymling can be seen in the cities of men, and the wonders from their nations are no longer mere myth or rumor.


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